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Welcome to our William Penn Library Page! Mrs. Ednalino <Mrs. E> will help you access e-books during this trying time.  Let's look at some options! 

<If in a hurry -- skip to the very bottom of this section. **There is a link to an Ebook Tutorial at the link: "Ebook-Destiny-tips."  Get into those e-books NOW!>

<Sept. 2020> 


·      We have a selection of FREE e-books (online books) -- available to our Panther family! We are using two main sources for this: Destiny and MyOn.


·   Destiny is the program we use in our library. During a normal month, when students check out books in-person, we circulate the books through Destiny.**Please check out the first two MS Word document links below, with 'Destiny' in the titles**  --for complete instructions on how to access roughly e-books in Destiny! 


·         MyOn is the main program teachers are using for eBook access at this time. Parents are loving it, too! It is connected to Renaissance, which is our Accelerated Reader provider. You can even click "Take A/R Quiz" right after you read a book, because the sites are linked together!  If you have a student who is well-versed in our Accelerated Reader program, they will see a purple link to MyOn right on their A/R homepage. Hop on in and look around at THOUSANDS of e-books!  **Please check out the MS Word document below, titled "Option Three: MyOn." -- for complete instructions on how to access thousands of myON eBooks-- for FREE! 

Accelerated Reader

·      We have a link to our Accelerated Reader system right here on our website! At the top of this website - under STUDENTS - click the link to Accelerated Reader, and proceed from there!
Please discuss with your current teacher their expectations on this. ~

Where on earth are Mrs. E and Skelly...?!

·         As of early September 2020, Mrs. E will still be popping up for a weekly storytime! Soon, Mrs. E will gather timeslots from teachers of when a *Zoom* visit would work best. We'll read a couple stories, schmooze a bit, and -- for our older students - knock out some WEEKLY TRIVIA! 
Our mascot, Skelly, will make an appearance as well -- with costume changes once every couple of weeks, per student requests! ;) 

**Questions? Contact Mrs. Ednalino at -- or if you are on Facebook, send a direct msg to our school facebook page! Mrs. E runs our Facebook page and sees all inquiries. ~

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