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100 YR CELEBRATION! *Updated*

Photos from our May 2018 event are now posted! Please search under "About Us" -- "Photo Albums" -- "100 Yr Celebration!"
Thank you, Kevin McCarthy, community leaders / alumni and so many more, for helping to make our event a success. ~

<Here, Mr. McCarthy poses with Mr. Marshall Dillard, our principal. Mr. Dillard is sporting our trusty blue Panther Polo shirt!>
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Library check-outs begin Sept. 4!

Parents: Students began library orientation visits the week of August 27, 2018. Please make sure library contracts are turned in if you wish for your child to take books home. A contract is attached, for reference. Let's get those Panther noses buried into the pages of a good book. ~~

We look forward to a wonderful year of turning those pages here at William Penn!

Please contact Melissa Ednalino <Mrs. E!> at 631-5440, in the Wm. Penn library, with any questions. ~
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Year-end book donations!

Thank you, Booster Club, for your donation of $300 to our school library. We were able to purchase much-need library books in very popular titles: Mighty Robot, Dork Diaries, Captain Underpants and more. Thank you so much Nikki Garcia, Janette Hubbell and all of our hard-working booster club team members. Books will be out and ready to go at the start of the school year!


We'd also love to thank Deven Sherman (5th grade/Mrs. Kessler's class) for your donation of TWO Dog Man books, several Goosebumps books, Plants vs. Zombies and more! The students will absolutely love checking out these super popular titles. Such a generous gesture: Way to go!
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Library books due by May 14!

(Bella the Library Mascot courtesy of 2nd grader Bella Russell!)

-- Our BCSD global due date for *all* library materials is May 11, 2018. (Due to our 100 yr celebration that date, we've been granted an extension to May 14, 2018.) Please ensure your child's books are returned by that date to ensure no report cards are held back. Final report cards *will* be held, per district policy, if books are not returned by year-end. ~

Please contact Mrs. E in the school library with questions, or email ~
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