Our Spelling Bee!

Congratulations to Melissa Guerrero Macias, 5th grade: She won first place in our 4th/5th Spelling Bee today! 

She will represent our William Penn Panthers at the District Spelling Bee in January!

((A few photos can be found ~~ HERE! ~~ <---

This was quite a successful Bee today, taking us almost right up to the final bell. We are so proud of the sixteen students in our Bee, who studied their hearts out. ~

Second place was awarded to ~~Yoslen Alarcon Barragan~~ (4th grade,) and third place was awarded to 
~~Ezri Thompson Jaime~~ (4th grade!)

Fantastic job by all spellers! 

Students who placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will receive trophies at our 2nd quarter awards assembly. The remaining spellers will be awarded certificates! 

The complete list of Bee participants is below. Remember, spellers had to pass a mini-Bee in their classrooms first, so this was quite an accomplishment to participate in our 4th/5th grade Bee! <3 

~ Mrs. E


Participants today include

Mr. Gamino: (4th grade)

Ezri Thompson - Jaime

Yoslin Alarcon Barragan

Ava Persel

Hailey Thomasson

Alejandra Arellano Arias 


Mrs. Ullrich: (4th grade)

Ariana Gutierrez

Yasmine Huerta

Bertha Aguilar

Susanna Moore


Mrs. Kessler: (5th grade)

Adriana Garcia

Melissa Guerrero Macias

Adrian Cepeda


Ms. Davis: (5th grade)

Belynn Torres

Ariel Gamino

Alexa Orozco

Nicholas Darke

Thank you to the team members who helped make this such a fun event! =)