Student artwork at the Kern County Fair!


Sixteen of our awesome students submitted artwork for the Kern County Fair, which runs through the end of September! The artwork was matted by Mrs. Ednalino in the library and submitted to the BCSD District Offices, where they then made their way to the fairgrounds. ~

CONGRATS to Delilah Velasco, who placed 2nd in the first grade category!!

Artwork will be shipped back to our Wm. Penn library within a few months from the fairgrounds, and will then go home with students.

A special shout-out to Mrs.Garza, 3rd grade teacher, for working with her students on amazing chalk art! 

The students whose art made the Fair art display include!

(Note: Art was submitted in April, so the students' prior grade level is listed first!) 

Shirley Ramirez -1st grade (currently 2nd grade) 
Susana Moore - 3rd grade (currently 4th grade)
Daniela Villa - 3rd grade (currently 4th grade)
Hailey Thomasson - 3rd grade (currently 4th grade)
Delilah Velasco - 1st (now 2nd) -- scored 2nd place!! 
Max Magana - 1st grade (currently 2nd grade) 
Melissa Thompson - 1st grade (currently 2nd grade) 
Briana Flores Gonzalez - 3rd grade (currently 4th grade)
Moises Hernandez -  1st grade (currently 2nd grade) 
Jermiah Santillan - 2nd grade (currently 3rd grade) 
Deven Sherman - 5th grade (currently in middle school/6th grade) 
Alejandra Arellano Arias - 3rd grade (currently 4th grade)
Isaias Sanchez - 3rd grade (currently 4th grade)
Jadyn Greenfield - 3rd grade (currently 4th grade)
Kaitlyn Livermore - 3rd grade (currently 4th grade)
Pedro Ortiz - 3rd grade (currently 4th grade)