*Student Council is ready to lead our school!*

Our Student Council team for this school year has been voted in and is ready to serve our school!

President: Alejandra Arellano Arias
Vice President: Leonel Gamino III Secretary: Ava Persel
Fire Marshal: Yasmine Huerta Algutaini
Equipment Manager: Khyden Webb.

Also, student representatives from upper grades have been chosen. They are:

~ Kimora Stephen (Davis’ class)
~ Victoria Lewis (Gamino’s class)
~ Aiden Aragon (Kessler’s class)
~ Madilyn Sotelo Sanchez (Ullrich’s class)

A photo of our main members is attached. Welcome, Panther Leaders!  

(L -R, in photo: Yasmine, Ava, Alejandra, Leonel, Kyden)