Our Fall 2019 Spelling Bee is complete!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our participants -- and winners! -- of our Bee today!

Sixth 4th graders and nine 5th graders participated in our annual Wm. Penn Spelling Bee with Mrs. E today. ~

We had quite the battle for third place – we went several rounds! Based on all of the effort and an almost equal number of successes and flubs, it was decided to award a *tie* for third place! They will each receive trophies, along with first and second place, at the year-end award assembly. ~

The Bee went an hour, as we had some super sharp spellers this year. We met in the library two to three times a week for around a month, practicing and practicing. ~

Students who participated in the Bee will each receive a certificate and color photos at the award assembly Nov. 8, and all have already received snazzy Bee pins, courtesy of Mrs. Pacheco!

Thank you, 4th and 5th grade teachers, for holding “Mini-Bees” in your rooms to help determine our contestants last month. 

With that, here are our winners!

First place: Elijah Gomez – 4th / Gamino


Second place: Yasmine Huerta-Algutaini – 5th / Davis


Third place (tie) – Kailey Romero – 4th / Ullrich, and Noah Munoz – 5th / Davis


**A cluster of photos can be found ~ Here ~   and ~ Here! ~

Elijah will represent our school at the BCSD District Bee in January! Yasmine is welcome to attend as an alternate / understudy to Elijah. ~



Participants who qualified based on mini-Bees in classrooms:

Kailey Romero (Ullrich / 4th)

Ava Persel (Davis / 5th)

Adam Arellano (Ullrich / 4th)

Yasmine Huerta-Algutaini (Davis / 5th)

Josiah Zabala (Ullrich / 4th )

Kimora Stephen (Davis / 5th)

Adam Durazo (Davis / 5th))

Elijah Gomez (Gamino / 4th)

Michael Jauregui (Gamino / 4th)

Susanna Moore (Kessler / 5th)

Gael Mercado (Gamino / 4th)

Hailey Thomasson (Kessler/ 5th)

Aiden Aragon (Kessler / 5th)

Noah Munoz (Davis / 5th)

Giani Sosa (Kessler / 5th)