Panther Picassos!

Greetings Panther Families,

Panther art is currently on display at the Kern County Fair!

Our librarian, Mrs. E, turned artwork into the BCSD district office in spring, per the KC Fair deadline for art submissions. The public ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the students' creativity!

Most of the art was made by students in the library at lunch recess, though some let their creative light shine while at home. ~

It isn't too late to see the art for yourself! We have a week left to go of the fair.
This year, art is displayed in Building 4 -- which is to the left instead of the usual right turn, if entering the fair from Ming Avenue. ~

The names of participating students are below. Our website only allows a limited number of photos in this section.... to see more art collages, please click ~ Here. ~ You do not need to be a Facebook member to see photos!

Or, you may visit the photo album on our website, ~ HERE ~.   

More detail:

We were allowed to submit three pieces of art per teacher, and the librarian was able to submit two. Many more came in -- it was very hard to determine whose art to send down! :)

Please note: The following students are listed in the grade they were in **during the 2018-2019 school year** -- as artwork had to be submitted last spring!

Congratulations to the following students! ~

First grade: Diana Arellano Arias, Melanie Arellano Arias, Sarah Espe, Delilah Durazo, Angel Rodriguez ~

Second grade: Melody Garcia, Zelena Fortner, Kasandra Lewis, Sorayah Rodriguez, Max Magana, Clarity Newton ~

Third grade: Liam Craig, Kimberlie Bravo, Melanny Rodriguez-Martinez, Luke Farrell, Pierce Blind, Bella Russell ~

Fourth grade: Eva Dauner, Christopher Ramirez, Susanna Moore, Bertha Aguilar, Aiden Aragon, Elaina Estrada, Alejandra Arellano Arias ~

Fifth grade: Kaelynn Deeds, Ariel Gamino, MarryJanne Alvarez, Analuisa Bravo ~

Artwork will be mailed back to our school, usually before Winter break. We will return artwork to students at this time. :)